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Your audience spans the globe. You need a brand implementation company that can connect your brand with your audience – globally, regionally and locally.

That's why The International Sign Alliance was created. Our alliance joins two of the world's most preeminent full-service signage companies – Philadelphia Sign Company, headquartered in the US and Pearce Sign based in the UK. Individually, we've been the preferred providers for the world's biggest brands. Together we are your global single source for signage. We have over 360 years of legendary service, a shared passion for excellence and a founding principle: to provide the best possible value. TISA is everywhere your brand meets your audience.


THE Alliance Advantage

Simply put, there is no other sign company around the globe with more brand implementation experience than The International Sign Alliance. While our name may be new, collaborating partners, Pearce Signs and Philadelphia Sign, have over three centuries of signage, brand implementation and large-scale program management between them. Our longevity alone does not define our success. We are the first choice of global corporations for sign and re-branding services because of our high quality products, best-in-class solutions, competitive pricing and a renowned dedication to client satisfaction. There is virtually no situation or challenge we have not met or business sector we have not served. And, both partners have continuously been at the forefront of sign industry innovations – whether in material advances, break-through technologies or new methodologies. TISA can produce your most complex designs, and manage tight turnarounds on any scale with the time-tested strategies, value engineering and tactical experience you'd expect from a world leader.

The International Sign Alliance brings your brand to life around the world. In the last decade, we have provided more than $1.2 billion (USD) of products and services to clients from Singapore to London to New York City. No matter how many signs or how many sites, we translate the creative expression of your brand into a realistic experience that engages your customers through sign on every continent. TISA can deliver your brand message to your audience, when and where you need to be.

Professional affiliations, industry compliances and accreditations demonstrate our commitment to a higher standard. Click here to view a list of affiiations and accreditations.

Philadelphia Sign - building Philadelphia Sign

As America's oldest and most respected sign company, Philadelphia Sign is the trusted partner to hundreds of corporate sign customers world-wide. Since 1911, the company has built a solid reputation for excellence by consistently designing, manufacturing, installing and delivering quality signage products, and managing large-scale multi-site branding programs. Philadelphia Sign enjoys long-standing relationships with their valued clients. Like its UK counterpart, Pearce Signs, Philadelphia Sign has a history of integrity, dedication and attention-to-detail that is evident in every project they undertake. >VISIT SITE

Pearce Signs - building Pearce Signs

Established in 1791, Pearce Signs has created signage and branding programs for many of the worlds' most recognizable brands. Relying on 220 years of know-how, Pearce Signs designs, engineers, manufactures, installs and maintains signs and sign programs that meet their client's exacting standards. Whatever the location, scale & scope of the project, Pearce Signs has put their extensive experience into play in every market segment and every region of the world. As with Philadelphia Sign they bring their mutual commitment to principled, responsible and diligent leadership to The International Sign Alliance. >VISIT SITE


Sign Manufacturing Powers Align to Provide One-Source Global Re-Branding Solution >READ MORE

The World Walk

Environmental Accountability - icons

Environmental Accountability

TISA is sensitive to the growing worldwide call for ecologically sound practices. We have pro-actively responded by endeavoring to limit our carbon footprint. At TISA, we've made changes to our manufacturing process, and in the materials we use as part of our efforts to protect the environment. We've employed renewable energy in our manufacturing facilities, resulting in reduced emissions. We're exploring newer, greener technologies for illuminating signs. As a global leader, TISA's focus is on conserving the world's natural resources and decreasing operating costs, while still providing our clients with the very best in signage. If you are seeking a sign supplier that is a Green Achiever, and that complements your corporate commitment to sustainable practices and green building efforts, TISA is the natural choice.


The International Sign Alliance is your single-source provider for global brand implementation – from design engineering to manufacturing, project planning through installation. Our clients represent every business segment in every corner of the world: automotive, education, financial, government, hospitality, manufacturing, media, retail, shipping, sports, technology and telecommunications. Why do the most recognizable global companies trust us with their brand solutions? Capability. Only TISA can offer three centuries of experience. We are singular in our ability to implement your brand on any scale – whether hundreds or thousands of locations. Our reach is unlimited. TISA team is comprised of over 1000 professionals on six continents. We can clearly articulate your brand message consistently, to sites in every continent in the most timely, cost-effective means possible. We go wherever you grow. Through our combined resources, we can better provide end-to-end services to meet the demands and challenges of your global expansion goals.

We value the relationships forged with our many satisfied clients: Avis, Bank of America, Chase, Ford, Hess, Royal Bank of Scotland, Sky Television, Suburu, T-Mobile, UPS among many others.

Design Engineering

First impressions begin even before your signage goes into production. Transforming the creative vision of your brand into a 3-dimensional physical asset requires intelligent design and smart engineering. TISA ensures your brand image is faithfully executed, each and every time, with precision and efficiency. Our in-house professionals deliver timely, economical solutions for your large scale, global branding programs. Flexibility, speed and savings are what you can expect from TISA’s design engineering experts.


Global projects demand dedicated, collaborative, responsive project management. Your project’s success depends on clearly defined goals, solid strategies and action plans executed on schedule. The International Sign Alliance has joined with Riemer Associates, highly-respected Project Management experts in global branding programs. This collaboration ensures that the communication between cross-functional, multiple location teams assigned to your project, will be seamless. The addition of Riemer Associates to our co-operative equates to greater value and peace of mind for our clients. >VISIT SITE


The International Sign Alliance can accommodate production on any scale. We have 16 administrative and manufacturing locations strategically positioned around the world, with 625,000 square feet of fabrication capacity. The TISA alliance brings together two sign manufacturing pioneers, each having perfected their methods over centuries while staying at the forefront of new technologies and material advances. The result: signage of the highest quality, at any volume.


No matter where your audience, The International Sign Alliance is there to communicate your brand message through signs. The TISA reputation for quality workmanship and installation extends around the globe with our established world-wide network of qualified, licensed installers. We have rigorously screened each installation team to ensure they meet our high standards for excellence, dependability and know-how. There is no location or installation challenge that we have not faced in our 300 years of brand implementation.


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